"Dei Lampecher Fliichteschësser" has been created in 1984, with the goal to unite the villagers young and old, and to maintain and promote village life.
The association has a full event-calendar all year long.
The centrepiece of a normal "Fliichteschësser year" is the country fair (the first weekend after August 15th), at which almost all villagers and some people of the surrounding villages participate. We offer, in addition to the traditional fair dance and fair lunch, a varied program: games for children, straw fooseball, open-air cinema or concerts on the day before the fair and many more. Other traditional appointments are the "Buergbrennen" (a large fire to chase the winter) and the Macon evening, where you can try wines from the Macon area together with a good cheese or meat plate.
From time to time we have ambitious plans: the wellknown corn maze that has already taken place 4 times, the last time, in 2010, on a 7 ha field. A large amount of people had the opportunity, during 2 months, to participate in this unique attraction.
The "Fliichteschësser" use their clubhouse "A Millesch" to offer numerous leisure activities to their members like dance, zumba and cooking classes. The members have furthermore the possibility to rent the club for private parties. The association is also very proud of their dynamic youth, that not only helps during the traditional events, but also organises their own events such as the carnival ball for children.